The Ecopoesis Project

Project Leaders: Adam MarcusLeslie Carol Roberts, Chris Falliers

The practice of ecological storytelling by writers, designers, and artists produces texts, objects, and speculative representations often towards a polemic and often in isolation by discipline. The history of ecological storytelling, from paleolithic cave dwellers’ depictions suggesting a unity with nature, to utopian promises and dystopian warnings, illustrates an evolving sense of human relational identity to nature. Within the context of evolving philosophies and ecologies, The Ecopoesis Project at California College of the Arts is a multi-year sequence of collaborative, interdisciplinary think-tanks exploring front-line concerns around ecology, climate, and spatial expression. As our everyday lives are increasingly suffused by the impacts of climate change and climate chaos, The Ecopoesis Project explores the language, syntax, diction, form, media, and representations of ecological uncertainty.

The Ecopoesis Project is a collaboration between CCA’s MFA Writing Program and Architectural Ecologies Lab, offering a place for interdisciplinary discussion of ecologies as form and language. The inaugural Ecopoesis symposium and workshop will take place at CCA in April 2019, and will feature Professor Timothy Morton, a leading ecological philosopher and Professor and Chair of English at Rice University. Morton will deliver a public keynote talk on Monday, April 8 at 6:30pm (more details here).


Participants, Ecopoesis 2019
April 7-8, 2019 at California College of the Arts
Timothy Morton, Rice University
Alexander Arroyo, University of California, Berkeley
Joseph Becker, SFMOMA
Louis Bury, CUNY & Writer, Hyperallergic
Kate Bickert, Golden Gate Parks Conservancy
Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, The Long Now Foundation
Alicia Escott, Artist
Chris Falliers, California College of the Arts
Beth Ferguson, University of California, Davis
Lisa Findley, California College of the Arts
Nataly Gattegno, California College of the Arts
Lynda Grose, California College of the Arts
Maria Paz Gutierrez, University of California, Berkeley
Robert Hunt, California College of the Arts
Margaret Ikeda, California College of the Arts
Janette Kim, California College of the Arts
Adam Marcus, California College of the Arts
Keith Krumwiede, California College of the Arts
Scott Paterson, Adventuring Ventures
Leslie Carol Roberts, California College of the Arts
Erik Scollon, California College of the Arts
Vivian Sming, Art Practical
Tina Takemoto, California College of the Arts
Ignacio Valero, California College of the Arts

Student Participants, 2019:
Vishnu Balunsat, M.Arch
Jillian Crochet, MFA
Margot Becker, MFA
Isha Fathmath, M.Arch
Sean Cunningham, M.Arch
Mamdouh Khogeer, M.Arch
Marwan Bamasood, M.Arch
Karol Horr, M.Arch
Chang-Tse Sung, M.Arch
Grace Galletti

Project Credits:
Ecopoesis Chairs: Leslie Carol Roberts, Adam Marcus, Chris Falliers
Project Assistant: Vishnu Balunsat
Graphic Design: Ryan Legaspi
Staff Support: Matthew Tedford, Dustin Smith, Mike Rothfeld, Leah Kandel
Sponsorship: CCA MFA in Writing Program, CCA Architectural Ecologies Lab, CCA Architecture Division, CCA Humanities & Sciences Division