Adam Marcus

Associate Professor Adam Marcus directs Variable Projects, a design and research studio that operates at the intersection of architecture, computation, and fabrication. He is also a partner in Futures North, a public art collaborative dedicated to exploring the aesthetics of data. His work explores ways in which new technologies can interface with longstanding architectural traditions of craft, materiality, ornament, and pattern. 

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Margaret Ikeda

Associate Professor Margaret Ikeda is a founding partner at ASSEMBLY, a practice whose focus, since 1994, is exploring connections, both in innovative details, materials and assemblies, and in the integration of multiple building specialists into the design process. Margaret brings an ability to form alliances with community stakeholders that builds a collaborative network for the realization of projects.

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Evan jones

Adjunct Professor Evan Jones founded ASSEMBLY, a Berkeley-based architecture office, with Margaret Ikeda in 1994. ASSEMBLY's projects span in scale from furniture to multistory mixed-use housing. As implied by the name, the firm focuses on connections between physical materials and the collaborative process of design. Its projects have included the design and fabrication of installations and furnishings as well as large-scale commercial work.

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Research Assistants

Vishnu Balunsat (2018-)
Sean Cunningham (2018-)
Taylor Metcalf (2017)
Georine Pierre (2017-2018)
Carlos Sabogal (2018)


Dustin Smith, Director of Academic Administration, CCA Architecture
Laura Ng, Academic Partnerships Project Manager, CCA Architecture


Shalini Agrawal, Interior Design / Diversity Studies / First Year
Peter Anderson, Professor of Architecture
Neeraj Bhatia, Associate Professor of Architecture
Michael Bogan, Senior Adjunct Professor, Individualized Major
Amy Campos, Associate Professor of Interior Design, Architecture, and Visual & Critical Studies
Alda Çapi, Adjunct Professor of Architecture and Interior Design
Sara Dean, Assistant Professor & Assistant Chair, MFA in Design
Christopher Falliers, Associate Professor of Architecture
Lisa Findley, Professor of Architecture
Nataly Gattegno, Associate Professor of Architecture
David Gissen, Professor of Architecture
Julia Grinkrug, Senior Lecturer in Architecture
Hugh Hynes, Senior Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Negar Kalantar, Assistant Professor of Interior Design
Janette Kim, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Andrew Kudless, Professor of Architecture
Chip Lord, Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Nathan Lynch, Associate Professor of Fine Arts / Chair of Ceramics & Glass
Leslie Carol Roberts, Professor of Writing / Chair of MFA in Writing
Alex Schofield, Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Matthew Waxman, Adjunct Professor of Architecture