Constructed Ecologies

Spring 2019, Fall 2019
Instructors: Evan Jones and Margaret Ikeda

Within the backdrop of the Architectural Ecologies Lab (AEL) Symposium in September, this Building Technology elective engaged in a focused design research investigation about architecture’s relationship to nature through a unique platform for student collaboration with scientists called the BioDesign Challenge. The class looked broadly at the philosophical distinctions between natural and constructed systems, examining case study projects and AEL research operating at the intersection of architecture, biology and technology. Building upon selected precedent projects, the seminar sought to understand the ecologically detrimental effects of human coastal interventions in the San Francisco Bay and suggest new scalable strategies for designing with living systems. Working collaboratively with biologists and manufacturers, design proposals strove to catalyze and foster new marine habitats by integrating advanced material and manufacturing logics. Resulting prototypes were fabricated with an interest in onsite testing in the San Francisco Bay.


Constructed Ecologies seminar, spring 2019:
Cristian Laurent
Joshua Eufinger
Lori Martinez
Maria Ulloa
Mithila Jagtap
Pete Pham



Mussel City

Mussel BOARD 1
Mussel BOARD 2
Mussel BOARD 3

Vertical Shore

Herring BOARD 2
Herring BOARD 3