Oakland Public Education & Outreach

In the spring of 2017, the Architectural Ecologies Lab team conducted a pilot public education ‘plug-in’ curriculum module with Skyline High School in Oakland, in which 85 public school students participated in ecological design exercises that built upon the Buoyant Ecologies research at CCA. This work occurred at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, a recreational area developed by the Port of Oakland as a public resource dedicated to environmental research and education. 


Project Credits:
Project Lead: Margaret Ikeda (CCA), with John Oliver and Kamille Hammerstrom (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories / Benthic Lab)
CCA Graduate Student Instructors: Fernanda Bernardes, Georine Pierre
Marine Ecology Instructors: Benthic Lab at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories - Christine Mann, Imani Thomas
Curriculum Coordination: Y-PLAN, Stepping Out Stepping In
OUSD Educators: Conor Carroll & Megan Johnston, Skyline High School, Oakland Unified School District
Sponsorship: Port of Oakland Community Investment Fund